Sports Betting Strategies – The Half time and Full Time Bet

Predicting the outcome at the end of a match is difficult enough, so it comes as no surprise that many players refrain from complicating the matters any further. Having said this, those who are willing to walk down the less traveled paths, might cash in on opportunities that evade regular players.

The Half time – Full Time Bet is such a betting strategy that requires a lot of experience and attention, because quite often it backfires and causes players to lose money.

How does the Half time – Full Time Bet work?

hThe name of this system pretty much says it all, because players are supposed to correctly indicate the result at the end of the first half and also the regular time result. It is not enough to correctly predict one or the other and that’s why the odds are so high comparable to outright victory bets. For each bet, there are exactly 9 possible combinations, so players need to decide whether they focus on the least risky ones or chase top odds.

It is only a misconception that by betting on six out of nine you have 66% chances to win, because not all events have the same chance to occur. One approach is to bet on the relatively safer bets, which imply that one team leads at half time and wins in the end, but the odds are not spectacular. At the opposite end of the spectrum are those bets where you back one team to lead at half time and lose after 90 minutes, something that rarely happens.

Downsides of using the Half time – Full Time Bet system

The main problem with this strategy is that bookmakers have no problem in applying a higher margin, because they know that players have no way to determine this. The problem becomes obvious when you consider the long-term results, because if you wager long enough on an event that have a high house edge, you are bound to lose.

Statistically, this is a high-risk strategy that doesn’t favor the punter, but the prospect of winning as much as 30 times more than they invested, acts as an irresistible incentive.

Risk-averse players will be better off sticking to safe strategies and only bet tiny amount on Half time – Full Time Bet results.

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